I am proud to have been endorsed by the following organizations and individuals. Thank you!



Committed to Justice and Equality

I am delighted that Katherine Kerr Kubatzky has decided to run for my Justice of the Peace, in Precinct 3 of Williamson County.

I have been blessed to work with Katherine on several projects and have always been amazed and inspired by her dedication, her common sense, and her equanimity. She is highly intelligent and thinks difficult issues through carefully before crafting a powerful and well-worded plan of action that reflects her values and character.

She has a deep commitment to justice and equality and a  bedrock belief in the power of compassion paired with the fair administration of the rule of law. She easily sees through the fallacy of seemingly simple answers to complex problems, and will look for root causes and contributing factors while seeking a creative, collaborative solution to the problem at hand.

In short, she will make an exemplary Justice of the Peace, and I urge everyone I know to support her.

— Susan Wukasch, Georgetown

Servant Leader, Qualified

My husband, Conny, and I are happy to endorse Katherine for Justice of the Peace Pct. 3.

Katherine, her husband, Tim, and I are members of the same Georgetown church, where she is a servant leader, presently serving our congregation as deacon. I have had the privilege of working with Katherine as volunteers for community organizations, which she serves in such capacities as communications committee chair, workshop leader/trainer, and other positions.

She is a tireless worker for many community causes and will be a JP dedicated to serving, competently and fairly, all people in her precinct.

Katherine has for several years been involved on the local, state and national levels in efforts to end discrimination of any kind. Compassion and a commitment to justice are important attributes for the Justice of the Peace.

The JP presides over hearings involving people of all backgrounds, walks of life and income levels who have committed traffic and other misdemeanor cases punishable by fine. The JP also hears some civil cases, landlord and tenant disputes and truancy cases. Katherine has integrity and makes decisions, after hearing all the options, based on the best interest of everyone involved.

Katherine attacks problems with a mindset of innovation, creativity and sometimes downright stubbornness to come up with workable solutions. She is not one to do a job in such way just because that’s the way it’s always been done.

Katherine will bring her extensive background in communications, community activism and work on causes of justice to ensure two-way communication as a JP, listening to those who appear before her and to her constituents, always validating their input.

I can’t think of another person more qualified, or who has more energy, to serve as Justice of the Peace.

– Marty Curtis and Dr. Conny D. Curtis, Georgetown

Note:  Dr. Curtis passed away on June 13, 2017. I was deeply honored to have earned his endorsement.

No More “Good ‘Ole Boys”

We don’t want, nor do we need, more “good ‘ole boy”, follow-the-leader politicians. Let’s turn the page on the business-as-usual folks who are more interested in their careers and political party than about the people they are elected to serve.

Katherine Kerr Kubatzky is a servant leader with a background of acting in accordance with morality, recognizing right from wrong, keenly focusing on doing the right thing for the right reasons.

As a highly respected communications expert at a large, Austin-based nonprofit organization, Katherine played a decisive role in making decisions and providing direction to the organization’s response to a variety of disasters including Hurricane Katrina.

Katherine worked collaboratively with department heads and staff to effectively communicate the mission of this faith-based organization. Her formula for success is simple – Be intentional, thoughtful and respectful when gathering information, and use that information to make smart decisions, provide solid, reliable direction and leadership. This is the stuff a good, no, a great Justice of the Peace should be made of. This is the stuff Katherine Kerr Kubatzky is made of!

— Ken Cinco, Round Rock

Works to Make Community Better

When Katherine mentioned she was considering running for Justice of the Peace my heart leaped with joy.

As a reporter; member of the communications teams for Concordia University Austin, Lutheran Social Services of the South and  Texas CASA, or as a member of First Presbyterian Georgetown, Katherine Kerr Kubatzky works to make her community a better place.

So  it is my privilege to endorse Katherine Kerr Kubatzky and ask that you vote for her to become your next Justice of the Peace so that you and she can make Williamson County Precinct 3 a better place for everyone!

— James Thomas, M.Div., Austin

Fair-Minded, Engaged in Community

Katherine is extraordinarily fair-minded, highly intelligent, and extremely engaged in community. I’ve known her for 17 years, during which we worked together half that time. I’ve watched her sons grow up, highly successful. Her husband, Tim, is likewise a great person. They have served as CASA advocates and more. I endorse her for this public office without any hesitation.

Cecilia Blanford, Kyle

Energetic, Sound Integrity

I have known and worked with  Katherine for over 10 years.  She is an energetic person of sound integrity and is willing to hear both sides of an issue.

Currently Katherine is treasurer of the Religion Communicators Council ( RCC), a national non-profit organization of faith-based professional communicators founded in 1929.   She is a dedicated and hard-working individual with a sense of humor who works well  with all her contacts.

— Shirley W. Struchen
Executive Director, Religion Communicators Council